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What is LMRank or dependability score for a site?

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The LMRank or dependability score is the number that Link Market has derived from each of our users actions during a set period of time.  The higher the score the more likely the particular user will follow up on link requests according to Link Market terms.

For example:  If a user agrees to trade links with score of 9 she/he will have a lot faster response time then a user with a score of 5 or below.

Where can I see LMRank for a site?
The LMRank is displayed to Full Members on the following pages:

  1. In all the link requests steps (Respond, Add, and Remove)
  2. In Link Exchange Directory (Regular and Sponsored Listings, Search, etc..)
  3. Url Details Pages

See Example Below:

Example of LMRank

What is the LMRank score range?
The ranges for user dependability scores are following:
  1. Very dependable user: 7 to 10
    • user will follow up on link request at least 70% of time
  2. Dependable user : 4 to 6
    • user will follow up on link request at least 40% of time
  3. Not dependable user: 0 to 4
    • user will follow up on link request at the most 40% of time

How often is LMRank calculated?
The dependability score will be updated every 30 days.
How do I improve my LMRank?
We look at 6 months worth of data to determine the LMRank.  Since this score changes from month to month your actions today will affect your next month’s results.

To improve your score we recommend doing the following:

  1. Respond to link request as soon as you receive them
  2. Do not remove links from your link pages
  3. Do not allow links to expire from your current jobs 

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