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How do I respond to link requests?

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To respond to the link requests please do the following:

  1. Login to your Link Market account
  2. Go to Current Jobs (it is located on My Account page, which is on the first page you see when you login. [Fig 1.1])

    [Fig 1.1]

    My Account - Current Jobs

  3. In The Current Jobs you will see all the link requests that you need to respond to [Fig  1.2]. To the right of the links there are three Job Types:

    [Fig 1.2]

    Current Jobs - Respond Options

    1. Respond
      • when new link request is sent to your account
    2. Add Link
      • when your link request has been responded to or if the link partner has added your link to their site
    3. Remove Link
      • if your link has not been added or if it has been removed by the link partner

  4. Select the link that you want to respond to by clicking on the Job Type in Red.

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