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Partners & Affiliates what are they and how can they benefit me?

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Partners & Affiliates are paid listings and cost starts at 32.50 USD per month for Ad Zone D. The listings are located on just about every page of the Link Market web site. By being part of partners & affiliate listing you will receive the maximum exposure that Link Market can offer.

Q. How does it work?
A. The partners and affiliates listings are randomly selected and rotated from the pool of subscribers on the every page of the Link Market web site with the exception of the home page. This is the most effective way for every member of the P&A to receive maximum amount of expressions.

The listings are divided into 4 zones and each zone has a different location and different maximum number of subscribers. See Example Below:

Partners & Affiliates

Q. Which Zone should I use?
This really depends on the budget that you have and your advertising goals for next few months.

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