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Sponsored Listings what are they and how can they benefit me?

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Sponsored Listings are located on the top of every Link Exchange Directory sub-page right after the subcategories and on top of LM Search™.

Q. How does it work?
A. The Sponsored Listings are randomly selected and rotated from the pool of subscribers in the Link Exchange Directory. This is the most effective way for every member of the SL to receive maximum amount of expressions and targeted traffic. In the LM Search™ the links are shown only if they match search terms. See Example Below:

Sponsored Listings 


Q. Do they work?
A. Our statistical analysis have show that if your link is placed in the SL your link will receive on average 10 times more hits and more link requests from our visitors then if you have placed your link in any other category.

Apply Online: If you would like for your link to be included in a Sponsored Listings login to your account and click on " Join Sponsored Listings".  Your subscription will be activated as soon as we verify your payment.


Don't see what you're looking for? Please try searching for it.

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