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How do I upload LDMS file to my server?

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To upload a LDMS file to your server you will need to download LDMS file to your PC and then FTP it or upload it to your server.

To upload file to your server you will need a FTP program and FTP login information.

  • If you don’t have FTP program you can download FileZilla by clicking here.
  • If you don’t have FTP login your hosting provider can provide this information to you.
    1. Open FileZilla
    2. Login in to your server by typing in:
      • Host
      • Username
      • Password
    3. Click on Quickconnect button
    4. Once you are logged in:
      • Under Local site find your file
        (left side)
      • Under Remote site select folder where you want to upload file
        (right side)
    5. Right Click on the file that you want to upload and select Upload
    6. Verify that file is accessible from your website
    7. Update “URL to the your link page” in Edit Link Directory Management Service


Need Help?
If you need us to help please send us your ftp login information by creating ticket here.

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