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How to verify if the LDMS is set up correctly?

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If you can see the following data on your server the LDMS code is installed correctly.

LDMS Example

If you cannot see the data above on your server here are the most common issues that LDMS users see:  

Q. Have you copied the code from LM to your server?
A. If no, please go to LM and copy the code that works on your server (asp, php, or .Net) from Edit LDMS page.

Q. The code is giving the error message or it’s not showing links
A. User needs to create ticket to work Tech Dep.

Q. The code is working but his/her account links that are pending are not showing. Only SL links are working?

  1. Make sure that payment has processed for LDMS
  2. Make sure that you went to Edit LDMS page and update link page (this updates permissions so that only your server works)
  3. If you still have an issue please copy the code again
  4. Create ticket so that our Tech Dep. can help you out

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