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LDMS Plugin for Joomla!

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Follow the steps below to install Link Market's LDMS plugin.

  1. To  download Joomla Plugin, plase click here.
  2. Install it to your server using Extension >  Extension Manger
  3. Create new article and add the text {linkmarketldms} in the text box
  4. Go to Extension > Plug-in Manger and find "Content - Link Market's LDMS"
  5. Click on "Content - Link Market's LDMS" and make sure:
    • Enable dropdown is set to Enabled
    • In the LDMS Key text box enter: (value is on the Edit Link Directory Management Service page when you login to
  6. On this page update the URL to the your link page to the url of the article that was just created using Joomla

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Last update: 2012-07-11 14:28
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