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How do I set up LDMS?

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In order to set up LDMS on your site you need an active LDMS subsription. If you don't have it please go to Products and Prices page to sign up.

Please follow the steps below to set up the LDMS on your website:

  1. Login to your account
  2. In the Setting section,  go to Link Directory Management page
  3. Click on Get Code for your site link
  4. Select Website engine that your web server supports
  5. Click on Download File button, and save it somewhere you can easily access it
  6. Upload the Downloaded File to your web server
  7. Check if the LDMS page is running by opening new file in your browser
    1. For example:
  8. If you can see "DIRECTORY HOME" text and categories the LDMS code is running correctly
  9. Go back to Link Directory Management page and update your link page to the URL where the LDMS code is running

Guess what? You are done!

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